The pinnacle of attraction lasts 3 seconds



Senior Thesis Exhibition Installation, One of Four from Cæsura

Reverb requires the use of external speakers. They are to be placed on either side of the head during duration of the piece, as the use of both right and left channels are heavily utilized. 


Senior Thesis 1 

Installation with 8x10" projection in black box theater with large external speakers


Senior Thesis 1 

Installation in small dark room with two seats. Viewers sit next to each other with two sets of headphones as Sugar plays approximately five feet in front of them on a small 12x18" projection



From the lore of Native Americans, to Greek mythology and biblical verses, water has played a key role in defining transformation. It is an element of motion and change, abstracting itself and taking various forms, of which we can find ourselves mesmerized, dazed, or relaxed by the evolution of the liquid. The water of our own minds is our subconscious, floating or swimming aimlessly with no place to land and often without our knowing. This state of suspended coherency can be found moments before sleeping or waking, in the threshold of an unknowing and an acknowledgement. It may take a strong pull on the line to bring us back to reality, or it may be as simple as finding the shoreline and walking out. Ebb is a project focusing on creating a vessel into the subconscious and allowing oneself to become immersed, only to test the bounds of retreat and awareness. Realizing the facade of illusions and disjointed sounds will act as the bobber to bring the viewer back into reality.


This is the first video of the trilogy Silence, Sound, and Song (2012)

To err is to be human. We all make mistakes in life, forget where we are, and get lost in our environment. Our sense of self can be jeopardized, and we don’t know how to relieve our souls from what we put our bodies through. It is important to remember where you came from and where you’re going. Our perceptions of ourselves may become skewed at times, and we may forget why we should strive for anything. 


This is the second video of the trilogy Silence, Sound, and Song (2012)

But to move on, we must reflect on who we are, what we have accomplished, and how we have grown. We are supposed to worry, and fear, and love and hate and emote, because it allows us the recognition that we’re living. 


This is the third video of the trilogy Silence, Sound, and Song (2012)

These three pieces explore how I almost lost my desire to create music through a bad year of school at a music institution. I felt lost, powerless, and scared. Since moving to Boston and continuing an education in the arts I have redefined myself and was able to confront the issues that stole my passion and channel them into pieces that speak with silence, sound, and song.